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Registering online for your Elite Sports Specific Training sessions is a simple process. Start by entering in each athlete's information making sure to select the appropriate session(s) for the location. You can select multiple sessions for each athlete. You can continue to add addiitonal athletes. After the athletes have been entered, enter the emergency contact information. Enter the payment information in the final step. You'll receive a confirmation email which serves as your receipt.

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2018 Run Strong06/05 - 07/19 (TTH)6:00am - 7:00amYMCA$125.00

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    I, the undersigned Participant hereby authorize Billings Clinic and/or Granite Health and Fitness to photograph or videotape, or permit other persons to photograph or videotape me while under the care of the above institution, and agree that Billings Clinic, and/or other authorized person may use the negative, prints or tape prepared there for such publicity purposes as they may desire. This shall include publication in printed materials and/or Billings Clinic and/or Granite Health and Fitness advertising.

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