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Mark Goldy

Physical Therapist; Lead Athletic Trainer

Mark Goldy is a Physical Therapist and the Lead Athletic Trainer here at Billings Clinic. Mark joined Billings Clinic in 2003, and has been involved in the sports medicine industry for 13 years. As a high school athlete, Mark required rehabilitation for knee and elbow injuries. His experience with the athletic trainer motivated him to pursue a career in sports medicine. Mark’s favorite thing about being an athletic trainer is being able to educate athletes on the proper way to train to enhance performance and minimize the potential for injury. Mark also enjoys being able to take an injured athlete through the entire rehabilitation process from initial injury to full return to play. Mark’s special interest is in training and rehabilitating baseball/softball players.

Mark was born and raised in Billings. He went on to complete his undergraduate degree in Health and Human Performance at the University of Montana. Afterwards Mark then received his Master’s of Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. Mark returned back to Billings to be near family and work in sports medicine. His hobbies include trying to keep up with two great children; while starting, but never finishing home remodeling projects.

The best training tip Mark can give a new athlete in training – “Build a strong base with proper technique; Develop through hard work and motivation; Take time to recover physically and mentally.”