Improving Athletic Performance

Teaching Proper Movement Patterns
to Develop Your True Potential

Billings Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine's sports specific training program, SST, and Granite Health + Fitness' Elite Sports Performance have joined together to form Elite SST. This partnership creates the most comprehensive athletic and sports performance training in the region. Our staff consists of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Physical Therapists, PhD and Master's certified strength coaches, and Athletic Trainers.

There are certain attributes that every athlete in every sport needs: lower body explosiveness, first step quickness, agile footwork, speed endurance, strength and balance, flexibility through a full range of motion, a powerful core, and rapid reactions for changing directions. No matter your sport, Elite SST provides the progressive training tailored to maximize your potential.

Not only do we work on getting athletes faster, more agile, and explosive, but we teach the proper movements they perform most in their respective sports. We want to help make you the most powerful, efficient, and injury resistant athlete in every movement you encounter in your sport.

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  The Science

In order to train movements, both the hardware and the software of the body need to be involved. The hardware is our musculoskeletal system, whereas the software is our nerve pathways that tell our muscles how to move. With the exercises and drills that are done through our Elite Sports Specific Training programs, we are able to train both hardware and software for maximum results. We know through scientific research that:

  • Movement patterns train nerve pathways. Intensity of training is what innervates nerve pathways best.
  • Practiced movements help create the growth of new nerve endings, to better coordinate our movements.
  • To react quicker and more fluently, is from the growth of myelin around our nerve endings. Which is done through intense, focused, and purpose driven training.


Often training programs discuss and practice strength, flexibility, endurance, power and speed as separate and independent components, yet in reality they are connected. We don't believe in separating all of the crucial components that go into making an elite athlete, so we train everything TOGETHER, properly, from the foundation up.

To do this, our workout program is designed to build our athletes. Every athlete is put through comprehensive movement screening in order to build a baseline, and to make sure they are healthy and performing optimally. Because everyone comes in at different levels, we build the program around them in take every step necessary to get them to progress to the next level. The athletes are rechecked often because we don't cut corners or skip the fundamentals. We believe that injury prevention is more important than fast gains.

Proper training also requires vision, that's why every athlete is given a binder for them to write down their goals. They will include both broad and specific goals so that they can focus on what exactly they want to accomplish. We have them list their strengths and weaknesses to make them more self-aware and we hold them accountable for tracking their progress towards all of their goals.


Power Lifting

We show proper powerlifting form (cleans, jerks and explosive chops) and then we use those lifts to progressively go up in weight to increase Power.

Balance Training

We need stable, full functioning joints to move explosively, so we do Balance Training to strengthen and reinforce stability in our postural muscles that hold us together and enable us to move.

Core Stability

All of our workouts actively recruit and strengthen our core muscles that holde our frame together. Without a solid core, the power in our movements is diminished and over time if unaddressed, can lead to injury. With a strong core all of your power and energy will go into the movement it's intended to go into, and not being wasted on stabilizing a weak frame.

Speed and Agility

Speed and agility embody the importance and hardware and software development more than any other construct of an elite athlete. "Don't tell your body to move fast; let your body move fast." (Gray Cook) We'll work on the proper dynamics of running and help you consciously practice the proper pattern; after that it's up to our nervous system and pathways we've created to step in during a fast-paced sport setting.

Anaerobic and Aerobic Endurance

We train both systems in the scientifically proven most efficient way possible: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT involves exercising with intensity close to the VO2Max. The work intervals can last anywhere between 15 seconds to five minutes, and always compromise adequate rest. Volume and intensity are not interchangeable, so we always focus on INTENSITY! The benefits derived from interval training include an increased VO2 Max (aerobic metabolism) AND enhance anaerobic metabolism. Meaning we'll make you more fatigue resistant no matter what sport you're playing.

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